Akáda Dances to Queen

... Video for All Queen Fans and Admirers ...

Akáda Dances to Queen   1998 - 2001

feasibility project from long past time - Video CD

Akáda Dances to Queen

You’ve just got hold of a work whose roots date back to 1996. It was then when I realised that I am quite fed up with cycling and something inspired me to start scenic dancing. Being I am a great fan of Queen, I thought out lots of ideas that were turned into a couple of performances. Some of those are incorporated in this video. I do not expect to be praised for the techniques used (the long-time cycling practice took its toll); just have a good time and whenever you wish, laugh your head off. I have never intended to make this record a serious matter (as a contrast to the overall situation in scenic dance), my priority is the viewers’ smile. Those who witnessed the live performances may support this statement.

Please, excuse the low quality of picture, the complete crew who helped this thing come true are keen fans, and the technologies available as well as their usage were not always the best.

I want to thank everybody who participated in making those performances come true as well as in the completion of this video CD: Jiří Kreissel, Stanislav Čejka, Petr Kubeczka, the band Rampa Music, my colleagues in HAS bike, Aleš Sekera, and everyone who have performed with me.

Most Special Thanks belong to: Jana Marešová, Roman Petřík, Michal Petřík


PS   If you like it, show the video to your friends; if not, make at least ten copies and trample them down demonstratively.


   Videos 10, 18, 17 and 8  are the best.  :-))

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1.   Intro - Going Back

*3     0:40"    3,6MB

2.   Cyborg Go ! - Cyborg

*3     3:39"    28,2MB

3.   A Kind Of Magic - A Kind Of Magic

*2     4:13"    22,8MB

4.   One, Two Vision - One Vision

*2     3:54"    20,8MB

5.   Ghost of Adult - Under Pressure

*1     3:45"    20,3MB

6.   Two Faces of Woman - Scandal

*1     4:28"    24,2MB

7    Birdman  - Save Me

*1     3:45"    20,1MB

8    Fires - Now I'm Here

 Play Video 

*4     2:46"    11,1MB

9.   Swords - Resurrection

*3     3:00"    16,3MB

10. Fast Fires - Sheer Heart Attack

 Play Video 

*4     2:24"    12,4MB

11. Logning - Is This The World We Created

*2     2:13"    11,1MB

12. Pilgrimage 1./Senile Madness - Bring Back That Leroy Brown

*2     2:16"    12,2MB

13. Pilgrimage 2./Box of Memorys - Who Wants To Live Forever

*2     4:00"    21,4MB

14. Pilgrimage 3./Testament - The Show Must Go On

*2     3:50"    20,7MB

15. Final Pilgrimage - Another World

*2     3:54"    20,6MB

16. Train - Breakthru

*2     4:06"    22,1MB

17. Crazy - Bohemian Rhapsody    PLAY ON YOUTUBE 

 Play Video 

*5     3:41"    186 MB

18. Final Energy - I Want To  Break Free

 Play Video 

*mix  4:15"    22,0MB

      bonus video


19. Train - Breakthru - remix

*mix  4:07"    22,6MB

Akáda Dances to Queen

... for All Queen Fans and Admirers. Videoed at amateur performances as homage to Freddie Mercury

          (*1) Nov. 27, 1998  (Šumperk)

          (*2) Ap. 21, 2000   (Šumperk)

          (*3) Nov. 18, 2000  (Prague)

          (*4) Nov. 20, 2001  (Šumperk - my garden, 10th Anniversary Show Preview )

          (*5) Dec. 13, 2001  (Šumperk)

The Dancers: Vladimír Akáda Adámek, Marie Meddy Matisová, Tony Šanovec, Víťa Vepřek.

Live Vocal (track 14): Miroslav Mirsky Novotný

Choreography by Vladimír Akáda Adámek (except track 10 by Marie Meddy Matisová)

Video Editors: Michal Petřík, Roman Petřík


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