Akáda Dances to Queen

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   Fredy and Altblau in Cholině 2005

Recorded on November 11, 2005. Music: BAD NEWS                         PLAY ON YOUTUBE 

   Akada and a bunch of swordsmen 'Samotari from Horskovsky Tyn' in a performance 'Fredy 2005'. In the end of an afternoon performance in the castle in Horskovsky Tyn a surprising masterpiece

(work of Akada and a group of historical swordplay 'Samotari') came into existence. Something like

a historical tribute. Recorded on July 23, 2005. Music: BAD NEWS.

Crazy - BoRhap - version 2005     3:02"     47MB       Play Video         PLAY ON YOUTUBE 

   Fire Xena  Cobelligerent in the castle in Brandýs nad Labem.

Recorded on Dec 4, 2004.

Fire Xena - Last Horizont     0:49"     4,3MB

   Flags on Horse - Šumperk, ranch Viktoria. Recorded on Sep. 27, 2003 

Flags on Horse - We Are The Champions     2:59"   15,5MB     Play Video 

   From Show 'Magister Kelley - Awakening of Sirahel' (Fire Dance of  Xena)

July 26, 2003 (Castle - Horšovský Týn)

The Castle Landlord and Xena - A Winter's Tale      3:02"     15,9MB


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